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Book Cover Ashes on a Distant Wind: closely cropped man sitting on dry ground holding a gun

Ashes on a Distant Wind
by Yolande Kleinn
M/M, Post-Apocalypse, Sci-Fi
[55 Pages / 18,000 Words]

Before the Vrete came to Earth, Donovan Riggs was a man of faith. By the time they were gone, he'd left that part of himself behind for good. In the aftermath of a war nobody won, humans live in a world they destroyed in order to keep it for themselves.

Riggs is simply trying to survive. Alongside Beau Greer, a young medic who stumbled into his life and then refused to leave, Riggs travels dangerous roads between long-dead cities. Scavenging doesn't offer much of a future. It barely provides for the present. But Riggs will do anything to protect what's his.

When thieves threaten to massacre a nearby town, Riggs and Beau must make a difficult choice, even if it means putting themselves directly in the line of fire.

[Information and excerpt: HERE]

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