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So the thing is, one of my favorite parts of re-releasing old stories is the fact that I get to design new covers for them. I don't love the revision process, or formatting the actual contents of the book. But cover design? That's more fun than it has any right to be.

I've got a handful of stories (most of them very short) that have reverted to my control this past year, and a couple more that will be coming back to me soon. Which means I need to get off my butt on formatting and re-releasing these titles. Sage & Sand is still set to come out on December 13th, after almost a year on the back burner. I'm hoping to move a lot faster in 2019, with at least two stories to re-release, possibly three (in between new things I'm working on and will hopefully be able to announce soon/along the way).

Anyway. That was rather a long tangent to preface the fact that the next story I'll be re-releasing is Anticipation (smutty PWP friends-to-lovers fic in the range of 7,000 words). I don't have a release date chosen yet, but what I do have is a cover design to share.

Purple book cover featuring a couch and white text: Anticipation Yolande Kleinn

The photo is by Jon Tyson, and the font is "The Real Font" (no I'm not making that up) by Graham Meade/GemFonts.

So there it is. Updates soon to follow, with any luck at all. :D
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