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Book cover: Worn wood siding with text that says Sage & Sand Yolande Kleinn

Hello, my friends! I finally got off my butt and formatted this short story to re-release, and I’m here to let you know: it is here! Revised and polished but mostly unchanged.

Sage & Sand

[Historical Western, 8000 Words, M/M, Explicit Content]

When Bram Caldwell is given a three-day stage route of his own, he thinks he's ready for the responsibility. But the open road is dangerous, and he quickly finds himself in a tight spot with no way out.

Marshall Maddox is no one's hero. Right place, right time, nothing more than that. Still, something about Bram makes him want to stick around once the shooting has ended.

Purchase at: Amazon / Apple / B&N / Kobo / Smashwords

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